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PLM is among the Top Performing Schools in the 2019 Aug Registered Electrical Engineer board exam for its PERFECT (100%) passing rate (first-time and overall), against only 67.16% national passing rate.

PLM president Emmanuel A. Leyco inducted the new officers and trustees of the PLM Scholars Foundation, Inc. (PLMSFI) who presented a total of 41 scholars this school year, including parents or guardians, who stand to benefit from its scholarship program.

PLM's cherished tradition of annually garnering a perfect (100%) passing rate in the Mechanical Engineer licensure exam led PLM to rank first as the Top Performing School nationwide in the 2019 August leg recently administered by the PRC (Category 10-49 examinees). The national passing rate is 70.60%.


PLM is the bedrock of public service since its early years as a fine source of registered social workers who always create an impact to the society.

In the 2019 Aug Social Worker licensure exam, 81.25% first-time takers successfully made it, with an overall passing rate of 73.68%. The national passing turn-out is only 46.30%.


PLM remains as the iconic crown jewel of Manila for retaining the title of Top Performing School in the August 2019 Physical Therapist Licensure Exam!