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  • Executive Vice President ATTY. Maria Auxilliadora Libertine Chavez-Amor
    Atty. Maria Auxilliadora Libertine Chavez-Amor
    Executive Vice President
  • Atty. Carlo Florendo Castro
    Atty. Carlo Florendo C. Castro

    University and Board Secretary, and concurrent Vice President for Legal Affairs
  • Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Clydelle M. Rondaris
    Dr. Clydelle M. Rondaris

    Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • VP Nudas
    Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III

    Vice President for Administration and concurrent Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • VP Luzz LandichoMs. Luzviminda B. Landicho
    Vice President for Finance and Management
  • Vice President Benedicto AvilaProf. Benedicto L. Avila
    Vice President for Information and Communications and concurrent Chairperson of Real Estate Management Department, PLM Business School
  • Vice President for Academic Support Units Dr. Gilmore P. SolidumDr. Gilmore G. Solidum
    Vice President for Academic Support Units
  • OUR Lalaine IsipProf. Lalaine A. Isip
    Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Academic Support Units, concurrent University Registrar and Chairperson of GAD-Technical Working Group
  • ho ocampo leisyl 
    Prof. Leisyl M. Mahusay

    Assistant Vice President for Information and Communications and concurrent Chief of Information and Communications Technology Offic
  • Ms. Herminia D. NuñezMs. Herminia D. Nuñez
    Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Concerns and concurrent Chief of Human Resource Development Office
  • PLM Assistant Vice President Andrea Solomon-Malunes 
    Ms. Andrea Solomon-Malunes

    Assistant Vice President and In-Charge of Internal Audit Office
  • AVP Romel Burnot Mr. Romel B. Burnot
    Assistant Vice-President for Finance and Management