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  • Prof. Roberto J. dela Cruz
    Atty. Maria Auxilliadora Libertine Chavez-Amor
    Executive Vice President
  • Atty. Carlo Florendo Castro
    Atty. Carlo Florendo C. Castro

    University and Board Secretary, and concurrent Vice President for Legal Affairs
  • Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III
    Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III

    Vice President for Administration and concurrent Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • AVP Dr. Clydelle Rondaris 
    Dr. Clydelle M. Rondaris

    Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and concurrent Chairperson of the Chemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering and technology
  • Ms. Luzviminda B. Landicho
    Ms. Luzviminda B. Landicho

    Vice President for Finance and Management
  • Engr. Evangeline P. Lubao
    Engr. Evangeline P. Lubao

    Vice President of Information and Communications
  • ho ocampo leisyl 
    Prof. Leisyl M. Mahusay

    Assistant Vice President for Information and Communications and concurrent Chief of Information and Communications Technology Office
  • OUR and AVP Lalaine Isip 
    Prof. Lalaine A. Isip

    Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Academic Support Units, concurrent University Registrar and Chairperson of GAD-Technical Working Group
  • Atty. Relson P. Moral
    Atty. Relson P. Moral

    Assistant Vice President and concurrent Chief Executive Staff and Data Protection Officer
  • Arch. Antonio C. Nudas III
    Ms. Alea C. Mai

    Assistant Vice-President for Finance and Management and concurrent Officer-in-Charge of the Budget Office
  • Ms. Herminia D. Nuñez
    Ms. Herminia D. Nuñez

    Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Concerns and concurrent Chief of Human Resource Development Office
  • PLM Assistant Vice President Andrea Solomon 
    Ms. Andrea E. Solomon

    Assistant Vice President and In-Charge of Internal Audit Office
  • Dr. Gilmore G. Solidum
    Vice President for Academic Support Units
  • Prof. Benedicto L. Avila
    Assistant Vice President for the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and concurrent Dean of Office of Student Development and Services and Chairperson of Real Estate Management Department, PLM Business School