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The College of Science is one of the esteemed colleges of the university which has produced board topnotchers, leaders in the national and international levels.
It used to be part of the College of Arts and Science, until the Board of Regents approved its proposed separation in 2002. By 2015, it offered the programs BS Psychology, MA Psychology, and MS in Mathematics Education.

Programs offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biology as an academic discipline has broadened and diversified with the development of advanced laboratory equipment and sophisticated techniques in collaboration with chemists, physicists and engineers. This has led to a dynamic development of research in all levels of biological complexity from the molecules to ecosystems, where their properties and interactions are analyzed. (CHED CMO No. 49 s. 2017)

    • Major in Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Major in Ecology
    • Major in Medical Biology
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Chemistry is the branch of natural sciences that studies matter, its composition, properties and reactions. It includes the “study, analysis, modifications and calculations of physico-chemical or biochemical properties of matter. Chemistry includes the atomic, molecular, surface and supramolecular composition and structure of matter, properties and reactions, the changes which matter undergoes, the energy involved, and the conditions under which changes occur” (R.A. 10657 Chemistry Profession Act of 2015). It is a broad field, which overlaps with other fields particularly biology, physics and geology. Chemistry has a role of interconnecting other fields and thus has been described as a Central Science. (CHED CMO No. 47 s. 2017)

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

 Mathematics is often described as the science of patterns. Mathematicians seek to discover, analyze and classify patterns in both abstract objects and natural phenomena. The traditional domains of study are quantity (arithmetic), structure (algebra), space (geometry) and change (analysis). Mathematics offers distinctive and powerful modes of thought such as abstraction, generalization, and deduction, inference, use of symbols and the axiomatic method. Mathematical truth is established through logical analysis and proof. As a universal discipline, it is rich in both theory and applications. (CHED CMO No. 48 s. 2017)

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. In general, the emphasis is on the individual person and how the person’s mental processes and behavior are affected by internal, relational and social factors. Psychology as a discipline and professional practice contributes to national development through basic and applied research and interventions aimed at solving problems and promoting optimal development and functioning at the individual, family, group, organizations/institutions, community and the national levels. The undergraduate programs in psychology provide initial training for those interested in teaching, research and the practice of psychology.

  • Master of Arts in Psychology

The graduate programs in psychology provide high level training in teaching and research in psychology and in the practice of the profession (Art. II, Section 1, CMO No. 39, s. 2010). The program aims to provide graduate students with high level training in teaching, research and professional practice in psychology.

    • Major in Clinical Psychology
    • Major in Industrial Psychology

Outstanding alumni

Graduates from the College of Science have made a name for themselves in their respective fields. Here are some of them:

Alex A. Tardaguila, RCh (BS Chem, 1998; CS faculty 2001 -2016)

Recipient of University of Liverpool's In Memoriam tribute called Alex Tardaguila Memorial Lectureship Award to honor his contributions to Science

Ana Nualla, RCh (BS Chem, 2012)

Champion, World Dance Sport Federation Southeast Asia Open Standard 2019;

30th Southeast Asian Games Dance Athlete – Standard Discipline Event

Acd. Rhodora V. Azanza (BS Botany, 1972)

John Rafael N. Granada, RCh (BS Chem, 2011; CS faculty) and Sandra Mei Branzuela, RCh (BS Chem, 2018)

CHAMPION – National and Regional

DOST Research and Inventions Contests and Exhibits 2018 – Outstanding Student Creative Research (SIBOL) Category

Matthew Brinez, Xaileen Dimaano, Jean Marke Flores (BS Biology, 2018)

2nd Runner-up, National Intercollegiate Genetics Quiz Contest 2017 (UPLB)

Rea Alexis Dolores, (BS Psych, 2018), Julian Caspe, (BS Psych, 2018), and Ma. Katrina Quijano (BS Psych, 4th year)

2nd Place, 2018 National Inter-School Psychology Quiz Competition (ISPQC)

Pierce Earl Andrei Hesarza (BS Psych, 2nd year)

2nd Runner-up, 2018 Pambansang Samahan ng Sikolohiyang Pilipino (SPP) – Spoken Word Poetry

Academic programs

The college offers the following programs:

  • BS Psychology
  • BS Biology major in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • BS Biology Major in Ecology
  • Bs Biology Major Medical Biology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Chemistry
  • MA Psychology major in Clinical Psychology
  • MA Psychology major in Industrial Psychology

Such other related programs that the BOR may approve