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AVP Malunes

Andrea Solomon-Malunes
Assistant Vice President
In-Charge, Internal Audit Office
(in concurrent capacity)

  • OIC Dina MendezDina C. Mendez
    Officer-in-Charge, Office of Public Affairs
  • Prof. Khatalyn E. Mata
    Chief, Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO)


  • University Registrar Lalaine Isip
    Lalaine A. Isip 
    Vice President for Academic Affairs for Academic Support Units, concurrent University Registrar and Chairperson of GAD-Technical Working Group
  • Engr. Erwin D. Marcelo
    Engr. Erwin D. Marcelo 
    Admissions Officer
  • ho peralta magielou
    Margielou B. Peralta 
    Director, Office of Guidance and Testing Services
  • ho mauricio grace
    Grace M. Mauricio
    Chief, University Library
  • Dir BonifacioMark John S. Bonifacio
    Director, Office of National Service Training Program


  • AVP Herminia D. Nuñez
    Herminia D. Nuñez
    Chief, Human Resource Development Office
  • ho gulapa bryan
    Engr. Bryan C. Gulapa
    Chief, Property and Supplies Office
  • ho mariano maria ana
    Dr. Maria Ana B. Mariano
    Chief, University Health Services
  • ho saripConsuelo T. Sarip
    Chief, University Security Office
  • Engr. Karen E. LessonEngr. Karen L. Leyson
    Chief, General Services Office
  • Atty. Caressa Perez Atty. Princess Caressa V. Perez
    Chief, Procurement Office and Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat
  • Chief Vina Mundala Engr. Vina G. Mundala
    Chief, Physical Facilities Management Office
  • ho laurente nanette
    Nanette E. Laurente
    Treasurer of the University
  • ho luzviminda orozco
    Luzviminda E. Orozco

    Chief, Accounting Office
  • Budget Office Chief Haezellene Lagonera Haezellene Mae L. Ocampo
    Chief, Budget Office