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Manila, Philippines 7 April 2014 – If you are a graduate from one of the top four universities here in the Philippines, you have a much better chance of getting hired.


According to a recent survey conducted by for Fresh Graduate Employability, companies in the Philippines still place high importance on which university the graduates come from. Seventy-seven percent of the companies who responded to the survey said that it was an important factor when considering applicants. They also indicated that favor graduates from UP, UST, La Salle, Ateneo, and government schools such as PLM, PNU, and PUP.

While the alumni of the top universities can take pride on the fact that they are favored by most companies, graduates of other institutions should still be confident about lending a job. This is because the survey showed that 94 percent of companies say they will still hire applicants even if they did not come from those choice universities. “So long as they are able to communicate in English, are trainable and dedicated to work hard, they will still be considered even if they don’t graduate from top universities,” says an HR practitioner.

In 2013, 83 percent of companies hired fresh graduates. Most were hired for accounting and finance, human resources, and marketing departments.

What do employers look for in fresh graduates?

Employers said that they will hire fresh graduates so long as they are competent. Having good communication skills, easy to train, and being tech savvy are the top functional skills and attributes they look out for.

According to employers, fresh graduates need to highlight their internship experience, their grades and extra-curricular activities on their resume. They should do so also during their interviews. Although fresh graduates do not possess the same skills as experienced workers, HR practitioners recognize this gap is easily narrowed if the candidate is willing to learn. Other major attributes that matter to employers are initiative, honesty and integrity.

While most employers are open to hiring fresh graduates, some have expressed concerns. These include fresh graduates leaving the job after being trained, poor communication skills and unrealistic salary expectations. These have made employers think twice about hiring fresh graduates. advises fresh graduates to go after the career path of their choice with determination, and strive to excel in it. They should meet their dream career head on, armed with their fresh ideas, and prove to their new employers that hiring them can be one of the best decisions they have ever made.