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PLM president Emmanuel A. Leyco inducted the new officers and trustees of the PLM Scholars Foundation, Inc. (PLMSFI) who presented a total of 41 scholars this school year, including parents or guardians, who stand to benefit from its scholarship program.

Addressing the audience which include benefactors of the Foundation, he bared his new plans for PLM in realizing a student-centered and engaging learning experience. This new pedagogy, which involves various sectors, aims to stimulate a better future for students who are critical to current realities and will excise lies from truth, with the professors pivoting into facilitators of change, and with the support of the alumni and other sectors.

In the end, the President emphasized that, while PLM is standing on solid grounds, the best factor to reach greater and new heights is "I have you", referring to the strong support of the various sectors of the society. Pleased with the program, one benefactor committed to support five (5) more scholars to the delight of the PLMSFI officials and scholars headed by Eleuterio Galvante, Jr.

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