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2021 New Year Message from the University President

No one had a 2020 vision of what this year that is about to end would bring. Our experiences have been difficult but we have a lot more to be grateful for and be hopeful of this coming year. The pandemic spared no one. PLM lost some lives and some got seriously ill from the virus.


Thanks to the collective efforts of everyone - faculty, staff, students and stakeholders, PLM managed to do an early pivot towards a new order for educational institutions.

After our virtual commencement exercises with over 1,000 graduates, we re-opened, and even expanded our student population by 30%.

While not perfect, PLM opened over 2,300 virtual classrooms to welcome some 13,000 students to PLM's virtual campus. It has been difficult but we are managing the challenges.
This academic year is capped by the academic and professional achievements of our students and alumni with excellent performance in the board exams, appointments to high offices in the executive and judiciary positions.
Our commitment to corruption-free management of PLM fiscal affairs was affirmed by the Commission on Audit with an "UNMODIFIED OPINION," which serves as a source of pride of the current PLM administration.
While the country is beset with economic problems and political issues that make the pandemic even more lethal, the Filipino people are rising, not just recovering.
Yes, this year has been difficult but we have many reasons to be thankful for and be inspired to meet with great optimism what 2021 would bring to PLM and the Filipino people.
I wish everyone good health, safety and a much better year ahead!