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Last February 8, PLM issued an advisory stating that the results of the PLMAT will be released on or before April 15, 2020. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic and the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, crucial adjustments had to be made. Two PLMAT exams scheduled on March 15 and 22 were postponed. Several hundreds of PLMAT applicants were not able to submit their requirements due to the closure of offices.

We understand that thousands of applicants are awaiting the results. We ask for your understanding as the university strives to facilitate the processing of the results from the first batches of examinees despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. Partial PLMAT results will be released on April 22, Wednesday. The complete results will be announced after all examinations have been conducted.

The new exam dates in lieu of the March 15 and 22 PLMAT schedules will be announced as soon as work resumes after the ECQ is lifted.

Rest assured that the PLM COVID-19 Task Force shall continue to monitor the situation and uphold the safety and well-being of the community."

#WeHealAsOne #PLM

Release of PLMAT 2020 Results Moved to April 22, 2020