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This Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is issued to clarify or amend some provisions originally indicated in the Bidding Documents addressed during the Pre-bid Conference held on 17 February 2020, in compliance with Section 22.5.1 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 9184, to wit:




(AMENDED, see capitalization and underlined words)

Section VII.

Technical Specifications See attached ANNEX A (3 pages)

Section VII. Technical Specifications

See Attached ANNEX A (3 pages) Note: Revisions on Section VII. Technical Specifications shall be reflected on the Schedule of Prices


This shall form an integral part of the bidding documents. Any provisions in the Bidding Documents inconsistent herewith is hereby cancelled, modified and superseded accordingly. For guidance and information of all concerned.



Mr. Roosevelt Dominguez

BAC Chairperson



Atty. Sandra Jill Santos

BAC Member