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The Official Student Publication of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

The Ang Pamantasan (AP) is an independent student organization and the official student publication of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

This student organization is currently registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit corporation in the name of Ang Pamantasan 1979 - PLM's Official Student Publication Inc. It was previously registered in SEC as Ang Pamantasan, Inc.

The AP was established in 1979, twelve years after the University has formally opened.

The current Ang Pamantasan nameplate mainly consists of the organization's logo and the name of the publication. It can be noted that the letters "P" and "N" in the word "Pamantasan" are slightly larger than the other letters, a design typical in the previous AP nameplates. The text's main color is blue, with strokes of yellow. Also in the nameplate, below the "Ang Pamantasan" text, is the phrase "The Official Student Publication of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila."

The current Ang Pamantasan logo is partly patterned after the old seal of PLM that was then prevailing when the AP seal was designed. Placed on the two white parts are two letters from the alibata (an ancient native alphabet). The letter at the upper part is a letter "A" in today's modern Filipino alphabet, while the letter in the lower part is a letter "P". The two letters combined form the publication's initials, AP. Three more elements are superimposed on the central disk. These are: a sunburst (which represents light and truth), a scroll (which represents paper) and a quill (which represents a pen).

Editorial Board
Like in many other student publications, the organization's Editorial Board is the policy-making body of AP. The Board decides on critical issues regarding the publication and formulates its internal rules. The Board is composed of seven members: the Editor-in-Chief, the Associate Editor, the Managing Editor, the News Editor, the Features Editor, the Literary Editor, and the Circulation Manager.

On the other hand, the staff is composed of members of the publication who are either senior or junior staffers. Auxiliary positions such as Sports Editor, Filipino Editor, Business Manager, and Editorial Board Secretary may be given to staff members upon the decision of the majority of the Editorial Board.

An aspiring writer can only join the organization if he/she passes the annual Ang Pamantasan Examination (APEX), which is composed of a written exam and a panel interview.

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Special Pearl Anniversary (30th) Foundation (01-05 Dec 2009)
Theme: "From paper to pearl: Delving into history and anchoring the legacy"
Highlighting its week-long special anniversary are the ff. exciting events:
01 December: Kick-off launch and opening of AP Exhibit at UAC and Main Lobby
02 December: Film showing at the newly-renovated Bulwagang Manileño
03 December: AP Journalism Seminar at the Justo Albert Auditorium
04 December: Poster-making and Comic strip drawing contests
05 December: Alumni Dance Party

On its 32nd year of serving the University through truthful and responsible campus journalism, Ang Pamantasan is in need of prime movers; change makers; truth seekers. The search is on for the next campus journalists of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Join the "Ang Pamantasan Examinations (APEX) 2012" on May 26. Application forms are available at the official AP Facebook page: Ang Pamantasan. Deadline of application is on May 24.

Click the thumbnail image to download the application form.

End Notes:
Information contained in this page are officially supplied by the Ang Pamantasan. Authenticity of such releases is the responsibility of said entity.