Supreme Student Council

As the highest student government in PLM, the Supreme Student Council is at the forefront of promoting and advancing student rights and welfare. It has slated a range of programs, initiatives and advocacies that do not merely redound to the welfare of the PLM scholars, but would also impact to the overall well-being of the community and the society in general.

The SSC and the college student councils, enjoying as they do a mandate from their constituents, serve as a training ground for responsible and competent leadership. Their incumbent leaders are as follows:

Executive Officers (AY 2012-2013)

Florante D. Galura, Jr. - President
Francis B. Olaso - Vice President
Karla Mae G. Muega - Secretary
Frances Bernadette S. Cruz - Treasurer
Jomar Caseres - Auditor
Joseph Jerom S. Yamat - PRO

The immediate past officers are as follows:

Executive Officers (AY 2011-2012)

Joyce C. Lansang - President
Eda Mari L. Ferrater - Vice President
Denise L. Menez - Secretary
Jesleah V. Hortilano - Treasurer
Marybhel D. Manaois - Auditor
Frances Bernadette S. Cruz - PRO

Executive Officers (AY 2010-2011)

Jessica Anne N. Sibal - President
Karl Wilson L. Tan - Vice President
Micaela Beatrice C. de Guzman - Secretary
Mark Jethro M. Escamilla - Treasurer
Jia Betina Grace L. Capito - Auditor
Jose Sledge T. Alvarez - PRO


Plans and Programs (AY 2010-2011)

The Supreme Student Council has accomplished a number of programs it has slated. On top of the various regular and traditional activities, the SSC made it a point to make a big difference by spearheading several social advocacies and innovative undertakings that would leave a lasting impact even in the years to come.

These programs aim to effectuate:
1. a wide-ranging social transformation
2. benefits that are not merely scholar-specific but are institutional in nature

PLM Electronic Classcards (eGrades)
State of Facilities Address
Project 350 environmental program launched in PLM
Supreme Student Council's Student Loan
PLM Sapphire Shirt
University Organization Fair