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A Dialogue on The Philippine Economy and the Culture of Patronage
Justo Albert Auditorium, PLM Campus
2017 September 18

PLM President Lenny de Jesus and university officials, officers and members of the Alumni Association, faculty, alumni, staff, student leaders and the entire student body, guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me. It's always good feeling for me to visit this academic institution. And it's even a better feeling when surrounded by young people like you.

PLM was recognized today by the Legal Education Board for the outstanding performance of its College of Law as the TOP Law school NATIONWIDE for its PERFECT passing rate (100%, for first-time examinees) in the 2016 Bar Examinations administered by the Supreme Court.

Manila, Philippines 7 April 2014 – If you are a graduate from one of the top four universities here in the Philippines, you have a much better chance of getting hired.

Manileños are lucky to have a locally funded university which provides college education to the underprivileged but intellectually gifted youth of the City of Manila.