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PLM President bats for wider internet access, ‘broadband per capita’ measure
Internet connectivity has become a basic need more than ever, and this could make or break the country’s success in migrating to blended learning strategies.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila University President Emmanuel A. Leyco believes that access to affordable and fast internet is crucial in ensuring that no student and no family are left behind as the country reorients its thrust amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Online solutions pave the way ahead as the global health crisis stretches even longer.

“Internet connectivity is now an important utility like electricity and water. Households, businesses, and students count heavily on good network services to get their tasks done,” President Leyco said. “We reiterate our call for free internet in more areas to ensure that no Filipino is left behind.”
President Leyco also floated the idea of measuring connectivity through “broadband per capita.” Beyond just tracking how much the country produces in terms of gross domestic product, authorities should measure average internet access and speed among Filipinos and ensure these are fast enough to support education and livelihood.
PLM has been boosting its final preparations ahead of the October 5 opening of classes for academic year 2020-2021. School officials are aware that not all of its students and faculty will be able to keep pace with virtual learning channels. The short-term solution would be to provide printed modules for students, however, the University believes that equal internet access would ensure that everyone can migrate to the “new normal” with ease.
“We cannot go back to how we were before. Times have changed – we need to reset, reconfigure, and reorient our health and economic strategies and policies,” President Leyco added.
PLM is committed to fulfill its mandate to deliver quality and socially relevant education to the youth even without face-to-face classes. Watch the full interview of President Leyco with Cito Beltran on One News here: One News: Agenda (September 17, 2020)