University Makeover over Four Decades

Set in an area rich in national history, the streets of Muralla and Gen. Luna in Intramuros bear mute witness to the blossoming of a humble and modest educational institution to become the splendid university into which it has evolved.

Looking back many years, PLM’s infrastructure was one of the modest proportions. At one time, students were all confined to Gusaling Villegas -- the oldest building on campus today. A small theater served as venue for theatrical productions and other performances, while the vast grounds were used for all sorts of university activities -- student performances, physical education classes, even graduation rites.

The main edifice of PLM was clearly visible off-campus due to the very low fence the school maintained. The canteen that welcomed the financially-underprivileged scholars was a simple native structure built mainly of nipa and wood. Today, the canteen is fully air-conditioned using a quick service restaurant forma with a faculty lounge.

Being true scholars that they were, the students naturally gravitated towards the library as their comfort zone. As heavy acquisition of materials marked the recent years, the library served well its purpose as a study area fully air-conditioned and encouraged intellectual albeit quiet discourse among students.

Fast-forwarding 40 years beyond, PLM students have a lot to be proud of. The University has always been consistent with its desire to provide the proper environment for its students and its educational mission.

The colleges of Law and Nursing are accommodated at the Gusaling Katipunan. Also found here is the Celso Al Karunungan Library whose collection of books had been growing in fast speed in the last few years. A modern moot court and a fully equipped auditorium can be found here.

Gusaling Villegas now holds most of the administrative offices and classrooms of various colleges. Soon, this building will house most up to date computer laboratories.

At the back of Tanghalang Bayan is one of the newest facilities in the campus -- The University Activity Center -- which was inaugurated in 2007 in time for the Baccalaureate Ceremonies. It occupied the old quadrangle fronting the flagpole where the traditional weekly flag-raising ceremonies is observed.

The mango grove (or UTMT: Under The Mango Trees) in front of the Justo Albert Auditorium is also a haven for generations of students who need a place to spend quality time in between their classes.

In 1994, the Shrine of Divine Teacher was born and served a solace for the weary and simply for those who are thankful for many of life’s blessings.

So much more are actually in the pipeline that not just administrators, faculty, employees and scholars of the University are desirous to improve its planned infrastructure and continue to embrace innovations if only to bring students the best quality education ever available in Manila.

New Infra

Gradually, one after the other, newer and bigger structures were put up -- and what was once a one-building affair in mid-60s became a campus of five, with more in the pipeline.

Among these buildings, the Gusaling Lacson towers above the grounds, its peculiar structure earning for it the monicker of “Mazinger-Z” to students from one generation to another. It now houses the state-of-the-art science laboratories, the speech laboratory, the radio-TV laboratory, and the Justo Albert Auditorium.

Gusaling Atienza stands proud as one of the newest and finest in the campus, and accommodates the graduate school offices and classrooms. The T.O.P. room, a highly technical and fully equipped room for multimedia presentations, is also found in this building.

In the campus grounds, a humongous structure simply cannot be ignored -- the Tanghalang Bayan. Built in 2003 and initially used in 2004 for the graduation rites, it now serves as a venue to most University-wide activities. Below the big stage is the PLM Pride Hall, formerly the Maynila Exhibit Hall, which is the showcase of the success stories of PLM's quality education.

Inaugurated during the incumbency of President Adel A. Tamano were the newest buildings and facilities dotting the parallel roads of Gen. Luna St. and Sta. Lucia St. -- the Gusaling Corazon Aquino (formerly Gusaling Intramuros) and Gusaling Maynila (formerly Manila Building).