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PLM continues to guide her graduates/alumni, even after leaving the portals of the academe, by assisting them in finding their suitable place in the industry. PLM is in partnership with companies for vacancy announcements that will benefit mostly those who have graduated in the recent years.

For companies, pls. send the ff. to the Alumni and External Affairs:
Letter of Intent*, company profile, SEC certificate of incorporation, BIR certificate of registration, and the photo softcopy of the poster to be uploaded to the PLM Website**
*including the company logo (if any) and the draft welcome spiel (see below for examples)
**indicating all necessary
 information, including the positions to be filled and instructions on how to apply

Site Engineers (CE, EcE, EE, CpE)

Project Manager (Civil Engineer)

OSP Supervisor

Site Acquisition Specialist

SAQ Coordinator

Training and Development Officer

Contact: 09173229765, 09985925623,

For CPAs, and graduates of accounting, business, and finance courses:

Finance and Accounting Junior Associate positions

See the job portal here: and take the online assessments!

We are experiencing growth spurt, thus, we are ardently looking for top caliber individuals to join our team.

  • Loans Specialist
  • Credit Underwriter
  • Tele Collector
  • Field Collector
  • Liaison Staff
  • Accounting Associate
  • Software/Web Developer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Finance Assistant/Cashier

Cofiport is hiring:

  • 2 Business Development Managers
  • 6 Sales Representatives
  • 4 Sales Support Specialists
  • 2 Wellness Bar Store Crews
  • 1 Admin and Finance Assistant

Send your application to