Procurement Monitoring Report

The Procurement Monitoring Report (PMR) covers major activities from the holding of the pre-procurement conference to the issuance of notice of award, the approval of the contract, delivery/completion, and acceptance/turnover, including the standard and actual time for each major procurement activity.

As PLM has since adopted transparency as a governing principle in public procurement, presented below are the PMRs for the last period and earlier, which are submitted regularly to the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB), in compliance with the provisions of Section 12.2 of the IRR of RA 9184 (Procurement Law). The same are posted in the official institutional website in compliance with Section 1.2 of the IRR of EO 662 (Enhancing Transparency Measures under RA 9184 and creating the Procurement Transparency Board).

Procurement Monitoring Report 2015 - 2nd Sem
Procurement Monitoring Report 2015
- 1st Sem
Procurement Monitoring Report 2013
Procurement Monitoring Report 2012
Procurement Monitoring Report 2011

End Notes:
1) Releases before the last item above have since been deleted.
2) Information contained in this page are officially supplied by the Procurement Office upon the instructions and under the supervision of the Bids and Awards Committee. Authenticity of such releases is the responsibility of said offices.