Annual Procurement Plan

As part of the Top Management Team's policy of utmost transparency in its procurement processes, the Annual Procurement Plan is being published and made publicly available anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Since the publication of the APP is not at all required by the Government Procurement Reform Act (otherwise known as RA 9184) and by the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB), its publication is a clear testament of PLM's unbriddled commitment to full transparency and accountability, as well as to allied virtues that include efficiency, among others.

Additionally, the APP is being published in conformity with the 2009 issuance of the Commission on Audit, as well as to satisfy the need for the same (for all purposes and intents) by other government agencies (local or national) and, ultimately, by the general public (whether local or foreign). This is also made in pursuance of Section 1.1 of Executive Order No. 662.

The APP indicates the PLM's authorized acquisitions for capital outlay and similar intended acquisitions for the covered period. This procurement plan aims to sustain PLM's high level of excellence in the delivery of educational and other services.

The APP covers, among other categories, buildings & other structures, office equipment, medical, dental & laboratory equipment, school & sports equipment, technical & scientific machinery equipment, IT equipment & software, communication & firefighting equipment, furniture & fixtures, motor vehicles, and books.

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End Notes:

Information contained in this page are officially supplied by the Procurement Office under the supervision of the Bids and Awards Committee. Authenticity of such releases is the responsibility of said offices.