PLM Admission Test

As of 6pm of Feb 23, PLM has opened the application for a special additional exam date (March 04); Application dates: Morning of Feb 26 to lunchtime of March 02.

Previous Announcements
As of Feb 21, only a hundred slots are available for the last exam date. Those who have since paid their PLMAT fees shall be prioritized in the assignment of slots in the morning of Feb 22, Thursday. The remaining slots, if any, shall be opened to new applicants after lunch.
As of Feb 12, the only slots left are for the last exam date: Feb 25.
PLM announced the availability of the online admission system at 9:30am, Monday, 2017 Sep 25.

Online Admission System
The System enables the applicant to submit online one's information at the comfort of his home -- anytime and anywhere, and print the assessment stub which he would present when paying the exam fee (PhP 732) at the PLM Cashier.

Who are qualified to apply for the PLM Admission Test?
The PLMAT is open to all citizens from all over the Philippines.
(If one passes, a proof of graduation from the Grade 12 level of the Senior High School [SHS] shall be required prior to registration.)

On-Line PLMAT Application
1. Access or click here. (Read first all the directions before accessing this.)
2. Read all information at the HOME page.
3. Fill-out all necessary information in the PLMAT Application page and submit.
4. COPY your Passcode and PRINT your Assessment Stub.
5. Proceed to the PLM campus and present the Assessment Stub to the PLM Cashier and pay the PLMAT Fee (PhP 732.00).
6. Proceed to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) for your Test Permit. Present the Official Receipt. Submit two (2) pcs. of a recent 1.5”x1.5” identical picture and sign the Test Permit (applicant's and PLM's copies).
1) To simplify the application process, no requirement shall be required initially, except for the presentation of the applicant’s school ID. Documents need to be submitted to and evaluated by PLM only upon passing the PLMAT.
2) Bring your school ID and present in every transaction stage.
3) Be sure to submit your correct/valid email address because this is where your Passcode and other information will be sent.
4) PLM is a PWD-friendly school. Priority shall be accorded them.
5) The "No Lunchbreak" policy applies.

Curricular/Degree Programs
Applicants may choose from a wide variety of degrees. Pls. click here for the list and choose what you feel are fit for you.

Test Administration
Take the PLMAT on the schedule stated in the Test Permit. Bring your school ID and at least 2 pcs. of pencil no. 2.

• The PLMAT will be administered on the following dates with morning and afternoon sessions:
      • 2017 November 12         • 2017 November 26
      • 2017 December 03         • 2017 December 17
      • 2018 January 14             • 2018 January 28
      • 2018 February 11           • 2018 February 25
The System will schedule the applicants on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.


Announcement of Passers

PLM shall publish publicly the list of the PLMAT passers on the 2nd week of March.

Admission Requirements
Upon passing the PLMAT, the passer shall submit the following verifiable credentials to the OUR to complete his/her admission:
1. PSA-issued Birth Certificate
2. Senior High School Forms 137 as officially transmitted by the school to PLM
3. Senior High School Form 138
4. Proof of Residence (Barangay Certificate and a sketch of address duly authenticated by the Barangay Captain)
Passing the PLMAT is not the sole determinant for admission. The above documents must yet be submitted for the evaluation of eligibility.
The verifiable credentials filed in support of the admission become the property of PLM and will not be returned.