PLM Admission Test



MCAT Results for SY 2015-2016

Released on: 2015 May 12: Additional List DOWNLOAD
Confirmation of slots was until 12 noon, Friday, 2015 May 15.
Qualified applicants were advised to confirm their slots personally at the College of Medicine. Failure to confirm the slots on the designated date automatically forfeits said slots.

Released on: 2015 May 06: DOWNLOAD
Confirmation of slots was extended until 5pm, Monday, 2015 May 11.

CLAT Results for SY 2015-2016 (Partial List)

Released on: 2015 April 28
Partial List of those who took the CLAT on February 28 and March 28 only: DOWNLOAD

PLMAT Results for SY 2015-2016

Released on: 2015 June 11 DOWNLOAD
List of freshman qualifiers who are allowed to enroll only up to June 11. Pls. see the Registrar within Thursday, June 11.
For further steps in processing their Physical Examinination, click here.

Released on: 2015 May 21 DOWNLOAD
List of Honor Graduates from DCS-Manila Public High Schools who are qualified for Freshman Admission by virtue of BOR Res. No. 2956.
They are advised to submit, starting 2015 May 22, the certification issued by a duly authorized school official indicating the honor received. For further steps in processing their Physical Examinination, click here.

Released on: 2015 May 13 DOWNLOAD
The PLMAT qualifiers in this release were advised to proceed to PLM on 2015 May 14 for pre-enrollment ».
Those assigned with "Course with available slot" were advised to see the Office of Guidance & Testing Services on 2015 May 14 & 15.

Released on: 2015 April 23
1) Manilans who have passed the PLMAT 2015 DOWNLOAD
2) Non-Manilans who have passed the PLMAT scheduled on April 15 (and will be added to the initial list released on April 08) DOWNLOAD
To give chance to all previous PLMAT examinees (Manilans and Non-Manilans) who were not in the lists (April 8 and 23 releases), PLM has scheduled a re-take on 2015 May 05, Tuesday. New applicants were also welcome for said schedule.

Released on: 2015 April 08
List of Non-Manilans: 600 (30%) out of 2000 Freshmen Qualified for SY 2015-2016 DOWNLOAD

Successful PLMAT examinees (or PLMAT passers) may undertake the following steps to signify their intention of being admitted to PLM:

Step 1: Proceed to the HELP DESK and get a request form for Form 137 (high school transcript of records).
Step 2:
a. Proceed to the University Health Services (UHS) for your medical referral slip and schedule of Physical Examination.
b. Get your step-by-step enrollment procedure form from the UHS after your physical examination.
Step 3:
a. Submission of School Credentials.
Form 138 (high school report card)
Form 137 in a sealed envelope with remarks: Copy for Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Certificate of Good Moral Character
NSO birth certificate
b. Submission of accomplished Students Personal and Academic Records (SPAR) form for pre-enrollment
Step 4: Enroll on the announced enrollment date segregated as follows:
Surnames starting with A-K: 2015 May 14, Thursday
Surnames starting with L-Z: 2015 May 15, Friday

Last Schedule

Schedule for Re-takers (open also to new applicants)
Exam Date: 2015 May 05 (Tuesday)


SECTION 3 of the PLM Charter states:  “No student shall be denied admission to this university by reason of age, sex, nationality, religious belief, or political affiliation. However, all students seeking admission must be subject to the regulations for admission prescribed by the Board of Regents.”
As per Board Resolution on admissions, all colleges in the Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila are hereby instructed to implement an “Open Applications Policy” whereby all student-applicants will be allowed to take the admissions test for as long as they comply with two basic requirements:
1. (a) High School graduate for PLMAT
    (b) Graduate of pre-Med, or its equivalent, for MCAT
    (c) Graduate of pre-Law, or its equivalent, for CLAT
2. Proof of Manila residency is required for PLMAT and MCAT if the applicant intends to avail of the scholarship that the City of Manila is offering its residents.

Colleges administering the admissions tests are instructed not to pre-screen applicants as part of their selection process save for the basic requirement stated above.

Please be guided accordingly.


 F-138 or Transcript of Record from recognized schools all over the country

FOR MANILANS: F-138 or Transcript of Record from any Manila school

To Establish Manila Residency:

1. Billing Proof of Parents (Utility bills, including Meralco/Maynilad)
2. Birth Certificate (to establish relations with the parents)
3. Barangay Certification of Residency

Additional requirements for MCAT:
1. Must have a GWA of 2.50, or its equivalent, or better.
2. Must meet the required NMAT score (45 or better) that was taken within 2 years prior to the deadline of application.
3. Must have no record of conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude.