Top Management Team

On 2014 September 18, another milestone in the administration of the University took an interesting turn with the coming in of a management eagle. Pursuant to the specification of Sec. 10 of the Republic Act No. 4196, Dr. Ma. Leonora V. de Jesus, former head of the Presidential Management Staff in Malacanang Palace, was elected by the Board of Regents from among themselves. She brings with her a solid track record and an impressive portfolio of credentials in various fields.

On her side as Executive Vice President is another academician from the Dela Salle University, Dr. Nelson J. Celis, who is also a professional practicioner. Together, their tandem makes an incomparable duo out to provide a fresh outlook to the governance model of the University.

Serving as University and Board Secretary is Atty. Rufino V. Abuda, a law practitioner and a homegrown alumnus who concurrently serves as the acting vice president for legal affairs

Vice presidents are pivotal in their roles in providing institutional support, as follows:
Directly reporting to the President:
Engr. Jose A. Silerio: Vice president for Information & Communications Technology (Acting)
Mr. Ibarra C. Gutierrez: Vice president for Public Affairs
Atty. Rufino V. Abuda: Vice president for Legal Affairs (Acting)
Directly reporting to the Executive Vice President:
Arch. Gil C. Evasco
: Vice president for Academic Affairs (Acting)
Mr. Carmelo B. dela Cruz: Vice president for Administration (Acting)
Dr. Nelson J. Celis
: Vice president for Finance & Planning (Acting) [In concurrent capacity]

On its special meeting held on 2015 February 05, the Board of Regents has approved the creation of the position of SUC Vice President II (Assistant Vice President). Officers-in-charge or in acting capacity were designated and detailed as follows:
Office of the Executive Vice President: Ms. Evangeline T. Feliciano
Office of the VP for ICT: Engr. Garry Erwin N. de Gracia (Acting)
Office of the VP for public affairs: Concepcion M. Erquiaga
Office of the VP for academic affairs on academic units: Vacant
Office of the VP for academic affairs on academic support units: Vacant
Office of the VP for administration for GSPF*: Ms. Elsa M. Martinez (OIC) [In concurrent capacity]
Office of the VP for administration: Mr. Roosevelt D. Dominguez (Acting)
Office of the VP for finance and planning on ATC*: Ms. Andrea E. Solomon (Acting)
Office of the VP for finance and planning on budget and payroll: Mr. Benedicto L. Avila (Acting)

Capping the Top Management Team are executive and special presidential assistants:
Head Executive Assistant: Ms. Ella Enriquez-Valencerina
Chief Executive Staff: Atty. Vitto A. Kintanar
Presidential Assistant for Special Concerns: Engr. Garry Erwin N. de Gracia

The other university officials serving as the official family (academic deans and administrative chiefs) play significant roles in the decision-making process as they are accorded sufficient leeway in performing their functions and exercising their authority in their own domains through an empowering environment.

Likewise providing cutting-edge support to the President are her consultants who were invited from the private sector.

*General Services and Physical Facilities
  Human Resource Management and Development
  Accounting, Treasury and Cash